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Yousong Zhou 064dc1e81b dnsmasq: abort when dnssec requested but not available
Before this commit, if uci option "dnssec" was set, we pass "--dnssec"
and friends to dnsmasq, let it start and decide whether to quit and
whether to emit message for diagnosis

  # dnsmasq --dnssec; echo $?
  dnsmasq: DNSSEC not available: set HAVE_DNSSEC in src/config.h

DNSSEC as a feature is different from others like dhcp, tftp in that
it's a security feature.  Better be explicit.  With this change
committed, we make it so by not allowing it in the first in the
initscript, should dnsmasq later decides to not quit (not likely) or
quit without above explicit error (unlikely but less so ;)

So this is just being proactive.  on/off choices with uci option
"dnssec" are still available like before

Signed-off-by: Yousong Zhou <>
4 years ago
config Revert "dsaconfig: introduce package for UCI configuration of VLAN filter rules" 4 years ago
ipv6 package: drop PKG_VERSION for purely local packages 4 years ago
services dnsmasq: abort when dnssec requested but not available 4 years ago
utils wireguard-tools: allow compiling with MIPS16 instructions 4 years ago