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Petr Štetiar c487cf8e94 hostapd: add wpad-basic-wolfssl variant
Add package which provides size optimized wpad with support for just
WPA-PSK, SAE (WPA3-Personal), 802.11r and 802.11w.

Signed-off-by: Petr Štetiar <>
[adapt to recent changes, add dependency for WPA_WOLFSSL config]
Signed-off-by: Adrian Schmutzler <>
4 years ago
config Revert "dsaconfig: introduce package for UCI configuration of VLAN filter rules" 4 years ago
ipv6 package: drop PKG_VERSION for purely local packages 4 years ago
services hostapd: add wpad-basic-wolfssl variant 4 years ago
utils wireguard-tools: allow compiling with MIPS16 instructions 4 years ago