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Hans Dedecker f74edb3e95 nat46: update to latest git HEAD
71e9f09 nat46-core: fix compilation with kernel 5.4

Remove 100-kernel-5.4-compat patch as upstream accepted

Signed-off-by: Hans Dedecker <>
4 years ago
base-files base-files: fix config_get() on invalid identifiers 4 years ago
boot ath79/nand: add support for Netgear WNDR4300TN 4 years ago
devel binutils: update to version 2.34 4 years ago
firmware layerscape: harmonize device strings 4 years ago
kernel nat46: update to latest git HEAD 4 years ago
libs libubox: update to git HEAD 4 years ago
network hostapd: add wpad-basic-wolfssl variant 4 years ago
system procd: update to git HEAD 4 years ago
utils ravpower-mcu: bump PKG_RELEASE 4 years ago
Makefile packages: apply usign padding workarounds to package indexes if needed 5 years ago