Mirror of youtube-dl with not newest code that I had https://www.opennet.ru/opennews/art.shtml?num=53952
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# coding: utf-8
from __future__ import unicode_literals
import itertools
import json
import os.path
import random
import re
import time
import traceback
from .common import InfoExtractor, SearchInfoExtractor
from ..jsinterp import JSInterpreter
from ..swfinterp import SWFInterpreter
from ..compat import (
from ..utils import (
class YoutubeBaseInfoExtractor(InfoExtractor):
"""Provide base functions for Youtube extractors"""
_LOGIN_URL = 'https://accounts.google.com/ServiceLogin'
_TWOFACTOR_URL = 'https://accounts.google.com/signin/challenge'
_LOOKUP_URL = 'https://accounts.google.com/_/signin/sl/lookup'
_CHALLENGE_URL = 'https://accounts.google.com/_/signin/sl/challenge'
_TFA_URL = 'https://accounts.google.com/_/signin/challenge?hl=en&TL={0}'
_NETRC_MACHINE = 'youtube'
# If True it will raise an error if no login info is provided
_PLAYLIST_ID_RE = r'(?:PL|LL|EC|UU|FL|RD|UL|TL|PU|OLAK5uy_)[0-9A-Za-z-_]{10,}'
'x-youtube-client-name': '1',
'x-youtube-client-version': '1.20200609.04.02',
def _set_language(self):
'.youtube.com', 'PREF', 'f1=50000000&f6=8&hl=en',
# YouTube sets the expire time to about two months
expire_time=time.time() + 2 * 30 * 24 * 3600)
def _ids_to_results(self, ids):
return [
self.url_result(vid_id, 'Youtube', video_id=vid_id)
for vid_id in ids]
def _login(self):
Attempt to log in to YouTube.
True is returned if successful or skipped.
False is returned if login failed.
If _LOGIN_REQUIRED is set and no authentication was provided, an error is raised.
username, password = self._get_login_info()
# No authentication to be performed
if username is None:
if self._LOGIN_REQUIRED and self._downloader.params.get('cookiefile') is None:
raise ExtractorError('No login info available, needed for using %s.' % self.IE_NAME, expected=True)
return True
login_page = self._download_webpage(
self._LOGIN_URL, None,
note='Downloading login page',
errnote='unable to fetch login page', fatal=False)
if login_page is False:
login_form = self._hidden_inputs(login_page)
def req(url, f_req, note, errnote):
data = login_form.copy()
'pstMsg': 1,
'checkConnection': 'youtube',
'checkedDomains': 'youtube',
'hl': 'en',
'deviceinfo': '[null,null,null,[],null,"US",null,null,[],"GlifWebSignIn",null,[null,null,[]]]',
'f.req': json.dumps(f_req),
'flowName': 'GlifWebSignIn',
'flowEntry': 'ServiceLogin',
# TODO: reverse actual botguard identifier generation algo
'bgRequest': '["identifier",""]',
return self._download_json(
url, None, note=note, errnote=errnote,
transform_source=lambda s: re.sub(r'^[^[]*', '', s),
data=urlencode_postdata(data), headers={
'Content-Type': 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded;charset=utf-8',
'Google-Accounts-XSRF': 1,
def warn(message):
lookup_req = [
None, [], None, 'US', None, None, 2, False, True,
None, None,
[2, 1, None, 1,
None, [], 4],
1, [None, None, []], None, None, None, True
lookup_results = req(
self._LOOKUP_URL, lookup_req,
'Looking up account info', 'Unable to look up account info')
if lookup_results is False:
return False
user_hash = try_get(lookup_results, lambda x: x[0][2], compat_str)
if not user_hash:
warn('Unable to extract user hash')
return False
challenge_req = [
None, 1, None, [1, None, None, None, [password, None, True]],
None, None, [2, 1, None, 1, 'https://accounts.google.com/ServiceLogin?passive=true&continue=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fsignin%3Fnext%3D%252F%26action_handle_signin%3Dtrue%26hl%3Den%26app%3Ddesktop%26feature%3Dsign_in_button&hl=en&service=youtube&uilel=3&requestPath=%2FServiceLogin&Page=PasswordSeparationSignIn', None, [], 4],
1, [None, None, []], None, None, None, True
challenge_results = req(
self._CHALLENGE_URL, challenge_req,
'Logging in', 'Unable to log in')
if challenge_results is False:
login_res = try_get(challenge_results, lambda x: x[0][5], list)
if login_res:
login_msg = try_get(login_res, lambda x: x[5], compat_str)
'Unable to login: %s' % 'Invalid password'
if login_msg == 'INCORRECT_ANSWER_ENTERED' else login_msg)
return False
res = try_get(challenge_results, lambda x: x[0][-1], list)
if not res:
warn('Unable to extract result entry')
return False
login_challenge = try_get(res, lambda x: x[0][0], list)
if login_challenge:
challenge_str = try_get(login_challenge, lambda x: x[2], compat_str)
if challenge_str == 'TWO_STEP_VERIFICATION':
# SEND_SUCCESS - TFA code has been successfully sent to phone
# QUOTA_EXCEEDED - reached the limit of TFA codes
status = try_get(login_challenge, lambda x: x[5], compat_str)
if status == 'QUOTA_EXCEEDED':
warn('Exceeded the limit of TFA codes, try later')
return False
tl = try_get(challenge_results, lambda x: x[1][2], compat_str)
if not tl:
warn('Unable to extract TL')
return False
tfa_code = self._get_tfa_info('2-step verification code')
if not tfa_code:
'Two-factor authentication required. Provide it either interactively or with --twofactor <code>'
'(Note that only TOTP (Google Authenticator App) codes work at this time.)')
return False
tfa_code = remove_start(tfa_code, 'G-')
tfa_req = [
user_hash, None, 2, None,
9, None, None, None, None, None, None, None,
[None, tfa_code, True, 2]
tfa_results = req(
self._TFA_URL.format(tl), tfa_req,
'Submitting TFA code', 'Unable to submit TFA code')
if tfa_results is False:
return False
tfa_res = try_get(tfa_results, lambda x: x[0][5], list)
if tfa_res:
tfa_msg = try_get(tfa_res, lambda x: x[5], compat_str)
'Unable to finish TFA: %s' % 'Invalid TFA code'
if tfa_msg == 'INCORRECT_ANSWER_ENTERED' else tfa_msg)
return False
check_cookie_url = try_get(
tfa_results, lambda x: x[0][-1][2], compat_str)
'LOGIN_CHALLENGE': "This device isn't recognized. For your security, Google wants to make sure it's really you.",
'USERNAME_RECOVERY': 'Please provide additional information to aid in the recovery process.',
'REAUTH': "There is something unusual about your activity. For your security, Google wants to make sure it's really you.",
challenge = CHALLENGES.get(
'%s returned error %s.' % (self.IE_NAME, challenge_str))
warn('%s\nGo to https://accounts.google.com/, login and solve a challenge.' % challenge)
return False
check_cookie_url = try_get(res, lambda x: x[2], compat_str)
if not check_cookie_url:
warn('Unable to extract CheckCookie URL')
return False
check_cookie_results = self._download_webpage(
check_cookie_url, None, 'Checking cookie', fatal=False)
if check_cookie_results is False:
return False
if 'https://myaccount.google.com/' not in check_cookie_results:
warn('Unable to log in')
return False
return True
def _real_initialize(self):
if self._downloader is None:
if not self._login():
'context': {
'client': {
'clientName': 'WEB',
'clientVersion': '2.20201021.03.00',
def _call_api(self, ep, query, video_id):
data = self._DEFAULT_API_DATA.copy()
response = self._download_json(
'https://www.youtube.com/youtubei/v1/%s' % ep, video_id=video_id,
note='Downloading API JSON', errnote='Unable to download API page',
headers={'content-type': 'application/json'},
query={'key': 'AIzaSyAO_FJ2SlqU8Q4STEHLGCilw_Y9_11qcW8'})
return response
def _extract_yt_initial_data(self, video_id, webpage):
return self._parse_json(
webpage, 'yt initial data'),
class YoutubeIE(YoutubeBaseInfoExtractor):
IE_DESC = 'YouTube.com'
_VALID_URL = r"""(?x)^
(?:https?://|//) # http(s):// or protocol-independent URL
# Invidious instances taken from https://github.com/omarroth/invidious/wiki/Invidious-Instances
youtube\.googleapis\.com/) # the various hostnames, with wildcard subdomains
(?:.*?\#/)? # handle anchor (#/) redirect urls
(?: # the various things that can precede the ID:
(?:(?:v|embed|e)/(?!videoseries)) # v/ or embed/ or e/
|(?: # or the v= param in all its forms
(?:(?:watch|movie)(?:_popup)?(?:\.php)?/?)? # preceding watch(_popup|.php) or nothing (like /?v=xxxx)
(?:\?|\#!?) # the params delimiter ? or # or #!
(?:.*?[&;])?? # any other preceding param (like /?s=tuff&v=xxxx or ?s=tuff&amp;v=V36LpHqtcDY)
youtu\.be| # just youtu.be/xxxx
vid\.plus| # or vid.plus/xxxx
zwearz\.com/watch| # or zwearz.com/watch/xxxx
)? # all until now is optional -> you can pass the naked ID
(?P<id>[0-9A-Za-z_-]{11}) # here is it! the YouTube video ID
%(playlist_id)s| # combined list/video URLs are handled by the playlist IE
WL # WL are handled by the watch later IE
(?(1).+)? # if we found the ID, everything can follow
$""" % {'playlist_id': YoutubeBaseInfoExtractor._PLAYLIST_ID_RE}
_NEXT_URL_RE = r'[\?&]next_url=([^&]+)'
_formats = {
'5': {'ext': 'flv', 'width': 400, 'height': 240, 'acodec': 'mp3', 'abr': 64, 'vcodec': 'h263'},
'6': {'ext': 'flv', 'width': 450, 'height': 270, 'acodec': 'mp3', 'abr': 64, 'vcodec': 'h263'},
'13': {'ext': '3gp', 'acodec': 'aac', 'vcodec': 'mp4v'},
'17': {'ext': '3gp', 'width': 176, 'height': 144, 'acodec': 'aac', 'abr': 24, 'vcodec': 'mp4v'},
'18': {'ext': 'mp4', 'width': 640, 'height': 360, 'acodec': 'aac', 'abr': 96, 'vcodec': 'h264'},
'22': {'ext': 'mp4', 'width': 1280, 'height': 720, 'acodec': 'aac', 'abr': 192, 'vcodec': 'h264'},
'34': {'ext': 'flv', 'width': 640, 'height': 360, 'acodec': 'aac', 'abr': 128, 'vcodec': 'h264'},
'35': {'ext': 'flv', 'width': 854, 'height': 480, 'acodec': 'aac', 'abr': 128, 'vcodec': 'h264'},
# itag 36 videos are either 320x180 (BaW_jenozKc) or 320x240 (__2ABJjxzNo), abr varies as well
'36': {'ext': '3gp', 'width': 320, 'acodec': 'aac', 'vcodec': 'mp4v'},
'37': {'ext': 'mp4', 'width': 1920, 'height': 1080, 'acodec': 'aac', 'abr': 192, 'vcodec': 'h264'},
'38': {'ext': 'mp4', 'width': 4096, 'height': 3072, 'acodec': 'aac', 'abr': 192, 'vcodec': 'h264'},
'43': {'ext': 'webm', 'width': 640, 'height': 360, 'acodec': 'vorbis', 'abr': 128, 'vcodec': 'vp8'},
'44': {'ext': 'webm', 'width': 854, 'height': 480, 'acodec': 'vorbis', 'abr': 128, 'vcodec': 'vp8'},
'45': {'ext': 'webm', 'width': 1280, 'height': 720, 'acodec': 'vorbis', 'abr': 192, 'vcodec': 'vp8'},
'46': {'ext': 'webm', 'width': 1920, 'height': 1080, 'acodec': 'vorbis', 'abr': 192, 'vcodec': 'vp8'},
'59': {'ext': 'mp4', 'width': 854, 'height': 480, 'acodec': 'aac', 'abr': 128, 'vcodec': 'h264'},
'78': {'ext': 'mp4', 'width': 854, 'height': 480, 'acodec': 'aac', 'abr': 128, 'vcodec': 'h264'},
# 3D videos
'82': {'ext': 'mp4', 'height': 360, 'format_note': '3D', 'acodec': 'aac', 'abr': 128, 'vcodec': 'h264', 'preference': -20},
'83': {'ext': 'mp4', 'height': 480, 'format_note': '3D', 'acodec': 'aac', 'abr': 128, 'vcodec': 'h264', 'preference': -20},
'84': {'ext': 'mp4', 'height': 720, 'format_note': '3D', 'acodec': 'aac', 'abr': 192, 'vcodec': 'h264', 'preference': -20},
'85': {'ext': 'mp4', 'height': 1080, 'format_note': '3D', 'acodec': 'aac', 'abr': 192, 'vcodec': 'h264', 'preference': -20},
'100': {'ext': 'webm', 'height': 360, 'format_note': '3D', 'acodec': 'vorbis', 'abr': 128, 'vcodec': 'vp8', 'preference': -20},
'101': {'ext': 'webm', 'height': 480, 'format_note': '3D', 'acodec': 'vorbis', 'abr': 192, 'vcodec': 'vp8', 'preference': -20},
'102': {'ext': 'webm', 'height': 720, 'format_note': '3D', 'acodec': 'vorbis', 'abr': 192, 'vcodec': 'vp8', 'preference': -20},
# Apple HTTP Live Streaming
'91': {'ext': 'mp4', 'height': 144, 'format_note': 'HLS', 'acodec': 'aac', 'abr': 48, 'vcodec': 'h264', 'preference': -10},
'92': {'ext': 'mp4', 'height': 240, 'format_note': 'HLS', 'acodec': 'aac', 'abr': 48, 'vcodec': 'h264', 'preference': -10},
'93': {'ext': 'mp4', 'height': 360, 'format_note': 'HLS', 'acodec': 'aac', 'abr': 128, 'vcodec': 'h264', 'preference': -10},
'94': {'ext': 'mp4', 'height': 480, 'format_note': 'HLS', 'acodec': 'aac', 'abr': 128, 'vcodec': 'h264', 'preference': -10},
'95': {'ext': 'mp4', 'height': 720, 'format_note': 'HLS', 'acodec': 'aac', 'abr': 256, 'vcodec': 'h264', 'preference': -10},
'96': {'ext': 'mp4', 'height': 1080, 'format_note': 'HLS', 'acodec': 'aac', 'abr': 256, 'vcodec': 'h264', 'preference': -10},
'132': {'ext': 'mp4', 'height': 240, 'format_note': 'HLS', 'acodec': 'aac', 'abr': 48, 'vcodec': 'h264', 'preference': -10},
'151': {'ext': 'mp4', 'height': 72, 'format_note': 'HLS', 'acodec': 'aac', 'abr': 24, 'vcodec': 'h264', 'preference': -10},
# DASH mp4 video
'133': {'ext': 'mp4', 'height': 240, 'format_note': 'DASH video', 'vcodec': 'h264'},
'134': {'ext': 'mp4', 'height': 360, 'format_note': 'DASH video', 'vcodec': 'h264'},
'135': {'ext': 'mp4', 'height': 480, 'format_note': 'DASH video', 'vcodec': 'h264'},
'136': {'ext': 'mp4', 'height': 720, 'format_note': 'DASH video', 'vcodec': 'h264'},
'137': {'ext': 'mp4', 'height': 1080, 'format_note': 'DASH video', 'vcodec': 'h264'},
'138': {'ext': 'mp4', 'format_note': 'DASH video', 'vcodec': 'h264'}, # Height can vary (https://github.com/ytdl-org/youtube-dl/issues/4559)
'160': {'ext': 'mp4', 'height': 144, 'format_note': 'DASH video', 'vcodec': 'h264'},
'212': {'ext': 'mp4', 'height': 480, 'format_note': 'DASH video', 'vcodec': 'h264'},
'264': {'ext': 'mp4', 'height': 1440, 'format_note': 'DASH video', 'vcodec': 'h264'},
'298': {'ext': 'mp4', 'height': 720, 'format_note': 'DASH video', 'vcodec': 'h264', 'fps': 60},
'299': {'ext': 'mp4', 'height': 1080, 'format_note': 'DASH video', 'vcodec': 'h264', 'fps': 60},
'266': {'ext': 'mp4', 'height': 2160, 'format_note': 'DASH video', 'vcodec': 'h264'},
# Dash mp4 audio
'139': {'ext': 'm4a', 'format_note': 'DASH audio', 'acodec': 'aac', 'abr': 48, 'container': 'm4a_dash'},
'140': {'ext': 'm4a', 'format_note': 'DASH audio', 'acodec': 'aac', 'abr': 128, 'container': 'm4a_dash'},
'141': {'ext': 'm4a', 'format_note': 'DASH audio', 'acodec': 'aac', 'abr': 256, 'container': 'm4a_dash'},
'256': {'ext': 'm4a', 'format_note': 'DASH audio', 'acodec': 'aac', 'container': 'm4a_dash'},
'258': {'ext': 'm4a', 'format_note': 'DASH audio', 'acodec': 'aac', 'container': 'm4a_dash'},
'325': {'ext': 'm4a', 'format_note': 'DASH audio', 'acodec': 'dtse', 'container': 'm4a_dash'},
'328': {'ext': 'm4a', 'format_note': 'DASH audio', 'acodec': 'ec-3', 'container': 'm4a_dash'},
# Dash webm
'167': {'ext': 'webm', 'height': 360, 'width': 640, 'format_note': 'DASH video', 'container': 'webm', 'vcodec': 'vp8'},
'168': {'ext': 'webm', 'height': 480, 'width': 854, 'format_note': 'DASH video', 'container': 'webm', 'vcodec': 'vp8'},
'169': {'ext': 'webm', 'height': 720, 'width': 1280, 'format_note': 'DASH video', 'container': 'webm', 'vcodec': 'vp8'},
'170': {'ext': 'webm', 'height': 1080, 'width': 1920, 'format_note': 'DASH video', 'container': 'webm', 'vcodec': 'vp8'},
'218': {'ext': 'webm', 'height': 480, 'width': 854, 'format_note': 'DASH video', 'container': 'webm', 'vcodec': 'vp8'},
'219': {'ext': 'webm', 'height': 480, 'width': 854, 'format_note': 'DASH video', 'container': 'webm', 'vcodec': 'vp8'},
'278': {'ext': 'webm', 'height': 144, 'format_note': 'DASH video', 'container': 'webm', 'vcodec': 'vp9'},
'242': {'ext': 'webm', 'height': 240, 'format_note': 'DASH video', 'vcodec': 'vp9'},
'243': {'ext': 'webm', 'height': 360, 'format_note': 'DASH video', 'vcodec': 'vp9'},
'244': {'ext': 'webm', 'height': 480, 'format_note': 'DASH video', 'vcodec': 'vp9'},
'245': {'ext': 'webm', 'height': 480, 'format_note': 'DASH video', 'vcodec': 'vp9'},
'246': {'ext': 'webm', 'height': 480, 'format_note': 'DASH video', 'vcodec': 'vp9'},
'247': {'ext': 'webm', 'height': 720, 'format_note': 'DASH video', 'vcodec': 'vp9'},
'248': {'ext': 'webm', 'height': 1080, 'format_note': 'DASH video', 'vcodec': 'vp9'},
'271': {'ext': 'webm', 'height': 1440, 'format_note': 'DASH video', 'vcodec': 'vp9'},
# itag 272 videos are either 3840x2160 (e.g. RtoitU2A-3E) or 7680x4320 (sLprVF6d7Ug)
'272': {'ext': 'webm', 'height': 2160, 'format_note': 'DASH video', 'vcodec': 'vp9'},
'302': {'ext': 'webm', 'height': 720, 'format_note': 'DASH video', 'vcodec': 'vp9', 'fps': 60},
'303': {'ext': 'webm', 'height': 1080, 'format_note': 'DASH video', 'vcodec': 'vp9', 'fps': 60},
'308': {'ext': 'webm', 'height': 1440, 'format_note': 'DASH video', 'vcodec': 'vp9', 'fps': 60},
'313': {'ext': 'webm', 'height': 2160, 'format_note': 'DASH video', 'vcodec': 'vp9'},
'315': {'ext': 'webm', 'height': 2160, 'format_note': 'DASH video', 'vcodec': 'vp9', 'fps': 60},
# Dash webm audio
'171': {'ext': 'webm', 'acodec': 'vorbis', 'format_note': 'DASH audio', 'abr': 128},
'172': {'ext': 'webm', 'acodec': 'vorbis', 'format_note': 'DASH audio', 'abr': 256},
# Dash webm audio with opus inside
'249': {'ext': 'webm', 'format_note': 'DASH audio', 'acodec': 'opus', 'abr': 50},
'250': {'ext': 'webm', 'format_note': 'DASH audio', 'acodec': 'opus', 'abr': 70},
'251': {'ext': 'webm', 'format_note': 'DASH audio', 'acodec': 'opus', 'abr': 160},
# RTMP (unnamed)
'_rtmp': {'protocol': 'rtmp'},
# av01 video only formats sometimes served with "unknown" codecs
'394': {'acodec': 'none', 'vcodec': 'av01.0.05M.08'},
'395': {'acodec': 'none', 'vcodec': 'av01.0.05M.08'},
'396': {'acodec': 'none', 'vcodec': 'av01.0.05M.08'},
'397': {'acodec': 'none', 'vcodec': 'av01.0.05M.08'},
_SUBTITLE_FORMATS = ('srv1', 'srv2', 'srv3', 'ttml', 'vtt')
IE_NAME = 'youtube'
_TESTS = [
'url': 'https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BaW_jenozKc&t=1s&end=9',
'info_dict': {
'id': 'BaW_jenozKc',
'ext': 'mp4',
'title': 'youtube-dl test video "\'/\\ä↭𝕐',
'uploader': 'Philipp Hagemeister',
'uploader_id': 'phihag',
'uploader_url': r're:https?://(?:www\.)?youtube\.com/user/phihag',
'channel_id': 'UCLqxVugv74EIW3VWh2NOa3Q',
'channel_url': r're:https?://(?:www\.)?youtube\.com/channel/UCLqxVugv74EIW3VWh2NOa3Q',
'upload_date': '20121002',
'description': 'test chars: "\'/\\ä↭𝕐\ntest URL: https://github.com/rg3/youtube-dl/issues/1892\n\nThis is a test video for youtube-dl.\n\nFor more information, contact phihag@phihag.de .',
'categories': ['Science & Technology'],
'tags': ['youtube-dl'],
'duration': 10,
'view_count': int,
'like_count': int,
'dislike_count': int,
'start_time': 1,
'end_time': 9,
'url': '//www.YouTube.com/watch?v=yZIXLfi8CZQ',
'note': 'Embed-only video (#1746)',
'info_dict': {
'id': 'yZIXLfi8CZQ',
'ext': 'mp4',
'upload_date': '20120608',
'title': 'Principal Sexually Assaults A Teacher - Episode 117 - 8th June 2012',
'description': 'md5:09b78bd971f1e3e289601dfba15ca4f7',
'uploader': 'SET India',
'uploader_id': 'setindia',
'uploader_url': r're:https?://(?:www\.)?youtube\.com/user/setindia',
'age_limit': 18,
'url': 'https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BaW_jenozKc&v=yZIXLfi8CZQ',
'note': 'Use the first video ID in the URL',
'info_dict': {
'id': 'BaW_jenozKc',
'ext': 'mp4',
'title': 'youtube-dl test video "\'/\\ä↭𝕐',
'uploader': 'Philipp Hagemeister',
'uploader_id': 'phihag',
'uploader_url': r're:https?://(?:www\.)?youtube\.com/user/phihag',
'upload_date': '20121002',
'description': 'test chars: "\'/\\ä↭𝕐\ntest URL: https://github.com/rg3/youtube-dl/issues/1892\n\nThis is a test video for youtube-dl.\n\nFor more information, contact phihag@phihag.de .',
'categories': ['Science & Technology'],
'tags': ['youtube-dl'],
'duration': 10,
'view_count': int,
'like_count': int,
'dislike_count': int,
'params': {
'skip_download': True,
'url': 'https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9LDPn-MO4I',
'note': '256k DASH audio (format 141) via DASH manifest',
'info_dict': {
'id': 'a9LDPn-MO4I',
'ext': 'm4a',
'upload_date': '20121002',
'uploader_id': '8KVIDEO',
'uploader_url': r're:https?://(?:www\.)?youtube\.com/user/8KVIDEO',
'description': '',
'uploader': '8KVIDEO',
'title': 'UHDTV TEST 8K VIDEO.mp4'
'params': {
'youtube_include_dash_manifest': True,
'format': '141',
'skip': 'format 141 not served anymore',
# DASH manifest with encrypted signature
'url': 'https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IB3lcPjvWLA',
'info_dict': {
'id': 'IB3lcPjvWLA',
'ext': 'm4a',
'title': 'Afrojack, Spree Wilson - The Spark (Official Music Video) ft. Spree Wilson',
'description': 'md5:8f5e2b82460520b619ccac1f509d43bf',
'duration': 244,
'uploader': 'AfrojackVEVO',
'uploader_id': 'AfrojackVEVO',
'upload_date': '20131011',
'params': {
'youtube_include_dash_manifest': True,
'format': '141/bestaudio[ext=m4a]',
# Controversy video
'url': 'https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4XJQO3qol8',
'info_dict': {
'id': 'T4XJQO3qol8',
'ext': 'mp4',
'duration': 219,
'upload_date': '20100909',
'uploader': 'Amazing Atheist',
'uploader_id': 'TheAmazingAtheist',
'uploader_url': r're:https?://(?:www\.)?youtube\.com/user/TheAmazingAtheist',
'title': 'Burning Everyone\'s Koran',
'description': 'SUBSCRIBE: http://www.youtube.com/saturninefilms\n\nEven Obama has taken a stand against freedom on this issue: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/09/09/obama-gma-interview-quran_n_710282.html',
# Normal age-gate video (No vevo, embed allowed)
'url': 'https://youtube.com/watch?v=HtVdAasjOgU',
'info_dict': {
'id': 'HtVdAasjOgU',
'ext': 'mp4',
'title': 'The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - The Sword Of Destiny Trailer',
'description': r're:(?s).{100,}About the Game\n.*?The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.{100,}',
'duration': 142,
'uploader': 'The Witcher',
'uploader_id': 'WitcherGame',
'uploader_url': r're:https?://(?:www\.)?youtube\.com/user/WitcherGame',
'upload_date': '20140605',
'age_limit': 18,
# video_info is None (https://github.com/ytdl-org/youtube-dl/issues/4421)
# YouTube Red ad is not captured for creator
'url': '__2ABJjxzNo',
'info_dict': {
'id': '__2ABJjxzNo',
'ext': 'mp4',
'duration': 266,
'upload_date': '20100430',
'uploader_id': 'deadmau5',
'uploader_url': r're:https?://(?:www\.)?youtube\.com/user/deadmau5',
'creator': 'Dada Life, deadmau5',
'description': 'md5:12c56784b8032162bb936a5f76d55360',
'uploader': 'deadmau5',
'title': 'Deadmau5 - Some Chords (HD)',
'alt_title': 'This Machine Kills Some Chords',
'expected_warnings': [
'DASH manifest missing',
# Olympics (https://github.com/ytdl-org/youtube-dl/issues/4431)
'url': 'lqQg6PlCWgI',
'info_dict': {
'id': 'lqQg6PlCWgI',
'ext': 'mp4',
'duration': 6085,
'upload_date': '20150827',
'uploader_id': 'olympic',
'uploader_url': r're:https?://(?:www\.)?youtube\.com/user/olympic',
'description': 'HO09 - Women - GER-AUS - Hockey - 31 July 2012 - London 2012 Olympic Games',
'uploader': 'Olympic',
'title': 'Hockey - Women - GER-AUS - London 2012 Olympic Games',
'params': {
'skip_download': 'requires avconv',
# Non-square pixels
'url': 'https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_b-2C3KPAM0',
'info_dict': {
'id': '_b-2C3KPAM0',
'ext': 'mp4',
'stretched_ratio': 16 / 9.,
'duration': 85,
'upload_date': '20110310',
'uploader_id': 'AllenMeow',
'uploader_url': r're:https?://(?:www\.)?youtube\.com/user/AllenMeow',
'description': 'made by Wacom from Korea | 字幕&加油添醋 by TY\'s Allen | 感謝heylisa00cavey1001同學熱情提供梗及翻譯',
'uploader': '孫ᄋᄅ',
'title': '[A-made] 變態妍字幕版 太妍 我就是這樣的人',
# url_encoded_fmt_stream_map is empty string
'url': 'qEJwOuvDf7I',
'info_dict': {
'id': 'qEJwOuvDf7I',
'ext': 'webm',
'title': 'Обсуждение судебной практики по выборам 14 сентября 2014 года в Санкт-Петербурге',
'description': '',
'upload_date': '20150404',
'uploader_id': 'spbelect',
'uploader': 'Наблюдатели Петербурга',
'params': {
'skip_download': 'requires avconv',
'skip': 'This live event has ended.',
# Extraction from multiple DASH manifests (https://github.com/ytdl-org/youtube-dl/pull/6097)
'url': 'https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FIl7x6_3R5Y',
'info_dict': {
'id': 'FIl7x6_3R5Y',
'ext': 'webm',
'title': 'md5:7b81415841e02ecd4313668cde88737a',
'description': 'md5:116377fd2963b81ec4ce64b542173306',
'duration': 220,
'upload_date': '20150625',
'uploader_id': 'dorappi2000',
'uploader_url': r're:https?://(?:www\.)?youtube\.com/user/dorappi2000',
'uploader': 'dorappi2000',
'formats': 'mincount:31',
'skip': 'not actual anymore',
# DASH manifest with segment_list
'url': 'https://www.youtube.com/embed/CsmdDsKjzN8',
'md5': '8ce563a1d667b599d21064e982ab9e31',
'info_dict': {
'id': 'CsmdDsKjzN8',
'ext': 'mp4',
'upload_date': '20150501', # According to '<meta itemprop="datePublished"', but in other places it's 20150510
'uploader': 'Airtek',
'description': 'Retransmisión en directo de la XVIII media maratón de Zaragoza.',
'uploader_id': 'UCzTzUmjXxxacNnL8I3m4LnQ',
'title': 'Retransmisión XVIII Media maratón Zaragoza 2015',
'params': {
'youtube_include_dash_manifest': True,
'format': '135', # bestvideo
'skip': 'This live event has ended.',
# Multifeed videos (multiple cameras), URL is for Main Camera
'url': 'https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqWvoWXjCVs',
'info_dict': {
'id': 'jqWvoWXjCVs',
'title': 'teamPGP: Rocket League Noob Stream',
'description': 'md5:dc7872fb300e143831327f1bae3af010',
'playlist': [{
'info_dict': {
'id': 'jqWvoWXjCVs',
'ext': 'mp4',
'title': 'teamPGP: Rocket League Noob Stream (Main Camera)',
'description': 'md5:dc7872fb300e143831327f1bae3af010',
'duration': 7335,
'upload_date': '20150721',
'uploader': 'Beer Games Beer',
'uploader_id': 'beergamesbeer',
'uploader_url': r're:https?://(?:www\.)?youtube\.com/user/beergamesbeer',
'license': 'Standard YouTube License',
}, {
'info_dict': {
'id': '6h8e8xoXJzg',
'ext': 'mp4',
'title': 'teamPGP: Rocket League Noob Stream (kreestuh)',
'description': 'md5:dc7872fb300e143831327f1bae3af010',
'duration': 7337,
'upload_date': '20150721',
'uploader': 'Beer Games Beer',
'uploader_id': 'beergamesbeer',
'uploader_url': r're:https?://(?:www\.)?youtube\.com/user/beergamesbeer',
'license': 'Standard YouTube License',
}, {
'info_dict': {
'id': 'PUOgX5z9xZw',
'ext': 'mp4',
'title': 'teamPGP: Rocket League Noob Stream (grizzle)',
'description': 'md5:dc7872fb300e143831327f1bae3af010',
'duration': 7337,
'upload_date': '20150721',
'uploader': 'Beer Games Beer',
'uploader_id': 'beergamesbeer',
'uploader_url': r're:https?://(?:www\.)?youtube\.com/user/beergamesbeer',
'license': 'Standard YouTube License',
}, {
'info_dict': {
'id': 'teuwxikvS5k',
'ext': 'mp4',
'title': 'teamPGP: Rocket League Noob Stream (zim)',
'description': 'md5:dc7872fb300e143831327f1bae3af010',
'duration': 7334,
'upload_date': '20150721',
'uploader': 'Beer Games Beer',
'uploader_id': 'beergamesbeer',
'uploader_url': r're:https?://(?:www\.)?youtube\.com/user/beergamesbeer',
'license': 'Standard YouTube License',
'params': {
'skip_download': True,
'skip': 'This video is not available.',
# Multifeed video with comma in title (see https://github.com/ytdl-org/youtube-dl/issues/8536)
'url': 'https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gVfLd0zydlo',
'info_dict': {
'id': 'gVfLd0zydlo',
'title': 'DevConf.cz 2016 Day 2 Workshops 1 14:00 - 15:30',
'playlist_count': 2,
'skip': 'Not multifeed anymore',
'url': 'https://vid.plus/FlRa-iH7PGw',
'only_matching': True,
'url': 'https://zwearz.com/watch/9lWxNJF-ufM/electra-woman-dyna-girl-official-trailer-grace-helbig.html',
'only_matching': True,
# Title with JS-like syntax "};" (see https://github.com/ytdl-org/youtube-dl/issues/7468)
# Also tests cut-off URL expansion in video description (see
# https://github.com/ytdl-org/youtube-dl/issues/1892,
# https://github.com/ytdl-org/youtube-dl/issues/8164)
'url': 'https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsguqyKfVQg',
'info_dict': {
'id': 'lsguqyKfVQg',
'ext': 'mp4',
'title': '{dark walk}; Loki/AC/Dishonored; collab w/Elflover21',
'alt_title': 'Dark Walk - Position Music',
'description': 'md5:8085699c11dc3f597ce0410b0dcbb34a',
'duration': 133,
'upload_date': '20151119',
'uploader_id': 'IronSoulElf',
'uploader_url': r're:https?://(?:www\.)?youtube\.com/user/IronSoulElf',
'uploader': 'IronSoulElf',
'creator': 'Todd Haberman, Daniel Law Heath and Aaron Kaplan',
'track': 'Dark Walk - Position Music',
'artist': 'Todd Haberman, Daniel Law Heath and Aaron Kaplan',
'album': 'Position Music - Production Music Vol. 143 - Dark Walk',
'params': {
'skip_download': True,
# Tags with '};' (see https://github.com/ytdl-org/youtube-dl/issues/7468)
'url': 'https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ms7iBXnlUO8',
'only_matching': True,
# Video with yt:stretch=17:0
'url': 'https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q39EVAstoRM',
'info_dict': {
'id': 'Q39EVAstoRM',
'ext': 'mp4',
'title': 'Clash Of Clans#14 Dicas De Ataque Para CV 4',
'description': 'md5:ee18a25c350637c8faff806845bddee9',
'upload_date': '20151107',
'uploader_id': 'UCCr7TALkRbo3EtFzETQF1LA',
'uploader': 'CH GAMER DROID',
'params': {
'skip_download': True,
'skip': 'This video does not exist.',
# Video licensed under Creative Commons
'url': 'https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4gD1WSo5mA',
'info_dict': {
'id': 'M4gD1WSo5mA',
'ext': 'mp4',
'title': 'md5:e41008789470fc2533a3252216f1c1d1',
'description': 'md5:a677553cf0840649b731a3024aeff4cc',
'duration': 721,
'upload_date': '20150127',
'uploader_id': 'BerkmanCenter',
'uploader_url': r're:https?://(?:www\.)?youtube\.com/user/BerkmanCenter',
'uploader': 'The Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society',
'license': 'Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed)',
'params': {
'skip_download': True,
# Channel-like uploader_url
'url': 'https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQcmzGIKrzg',
'info_dict': {
'id': 'eQcmzGIKrzg',
'ext': 'mp4',
'title': 'Democratic Socialism and Foreign Policy | Bernie Sanders',
'description': 'md5:dda0d780d5a6e120758d1711d062a867',
'duration': 4060,
'upload_date': '20151119',
'uploader': 'Bernie Sanders',
'uploader_id': 'UCH1dpzjCEiGAt8CXkryhkZg',
'uploader_url': r're:https?://(?:www\.)?youtube\.com/channel/UCH1dpzjCEiGAt8CXkryhkZg',
'license': 'Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed)',
'params': {
'skip_download': True,
'url': 'https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&amp;amp;v=V36LpHqtcDY',
'only_matching': True,
# YouTube Red paid video (https://github.com/ytdl-org/youtube-dl/issues/10059)
'url': 'https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1Ko8UG-Tdo',
'only_matching': True,
# Rental video preview
'url': 'https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYr8q0y5Jfg',
'info_dict': {
'id': 'uGpuVWrhIzE',
'ext': 'mp4',
'title': 'Piku - Trailer',
'description': 'md5:c36bd60c3fd6f1954086c083c72092eb',
'upload_date': '20150811',
'uploader': 'FlixMatrix',
'uploader_id': 'FlixMatrixKaravan',
'uploader_url': r're:https?://(?:www\.)?youtube\.com/user/FlixMatrixKaravan',
'license': 'Standard YouTube License',
'params': {
'skip_download': True,
'skip': 'This video is not available.',
# YouTube Red video with episode data
'url': 'https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqKdEhx-dD4',
'info_dict': {
'id': 'iqKdEhx-dD4',
'ext': 'mp4',
'title': 'Isolation - Mind Field (Ep 1)',
'description': 'md5:46a29be4ceffa65b92d277b93f463c0f',
'duration': 2085,
'upload_date': '20170118',
'uploader': 'Vsauce',
'uploader_id': 'Vsauce',
'uploader_url': r're:https?://(?:www\.)?youtube\.com/user/Vsauce',
'series': 'Mind Field',
'season_number': 1,
'episode_number': 1,
'params': {
'skip_download': True,
'expected_warnings': [
'Skipping DASH manifest',
# The following content has been identified by the YouTube community
# as inappropriate or offensive to some audiences.
'url': 'https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6SJNVb0GnPI',
'info_dict': {
'id': '6SJNVb0GnPI',
'ext': 'mp4',
'title': 'Race Differences in Intelligence',
'description': 'md5:5d161533167390427a1f8ee89a1fc6f1',
'duration': 965,
'upload_date': '20140124',
'uploader': 'New Century Foundation',
'uploader_id': 'UCEJYpZGqgUob0zVVEaLhvVg',
'uploader_url': r're:https?://(?:www\.)?youtube\.com/channel/UCEJYpZGqgUob0zVVEaLhvVg',
'params': {
'skip_download': True,
# itag 212
'url': '1t24XAntNCY',
'only_matching': True,
# geo restricted to JP
'url': 'sJL6WA-aGkQ',
'only_matching': True,
'url': 'https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MuAGGZNfUkU&list=RDMM',
'only_matching': True,
'url': 'https://invidio.us/watch?v=BaW_jenozKc',
'only_matching': True,
# DRM protected
'url': 'https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7_qI6_mIXc',
'only_matching': True,
# Video with unsupported adaptive stream type formats
'url': 'https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4Vy8R84T1U',
'info_dict': {
'id': 'Z4Vy8R84T1U',
'ext': 'mp4',
'title': 'saman SMAN 53 Jakarta(Sancety) opening COFFEE4th at SMAN 53 Jakarta',
'description': 'md5:d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e',
'duration': 433,
'upload_date': '20130923',
'uploader': 'Amelia Putri Harwita',
'uploader_id': 'UCpOxM49HJxmC1qCalXyB3_Q',
'uploader_url': r're:https?://(?:www\.)?youtube\.com/channel/UCpOxM49HJxmC1qCalXyB3_Q',
'formats': 'maxcount:10',
'params': {
'skip_download': True,
'youtube_include_dash_manifest': False,
'skip': 'not actual anymore',
# Youtube Music Auto-generated description
'url': 'https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=MgNrAu2pzNs',
'info_dict': {
'id': 'MgNrAu2pzNs',
'ext': 'mp4',
'title': 'Voyeur Girl',
'description': 'md5:7ae382a65843d6df2685993e90a8628f',
'upload_date': '20190312',
'uploader': 'Stephen - Topic',
'uploader_id': 'UC-pWHpBjdGG69N9mM2auIAA',
'artist': 'Stephen',
'track': 'Voyeur Girl',
'album': 'it\'s too much love to know my dear',
'release_date': '20190313',
'release_year': 2019,
'params': {
'skip_download': True,
'url': 'https://www.youtubekids.com/watch?v=3b8nCWDgZ6Q',
'only_matching': True,
# invalid -> valid video id redirection
'url': 'DJztXj2GPfl',
'info_dict': {
'id': 'DJztXj2GPfk',
'ext': 'mp4',
'title': 'Panjabi MC - Mundian To Bach Ke (The Dictator Soundtrack)',
'description': 'md5:bf577a41da97918e94fa9798d9228825',
'upload_date': '20090125',
'uploader': 'Prochorowka',
'uploader_id': 'Prochorowka',
'uploader_url': r're:https?://(?:www\.)?youtube\.com/user/Prochorowka',
'artist': 'Panjabi MC',
'track': 'Beware of the Boys (Mundian to Bach Ke) - Motivo Hi-Lectro Remix',
'album': 'Beware of the Boys (Mundian To Bach Ke)',
'params': {
'skip_download': True,
# empty description results in an empty string
'url': 'https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x41yOUIvK2k',
'info_dict': {
'id': 'x41yOUIvK2k',
'ext': 'mp4',
'title': 'IMG 3456',
'description': '',
'upload_date': '20170613',
'uploader_id': 'ElevageOrVert',
'uploader': 'ElevageOrVert',
'params': {
'skip_download': True,
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
super(YoutubeIE, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
self._player_cache = {}
def report_video_info_webpage_download(self, video_id):
"""Report attempt to download video info webpage."""
self.to_screen('%s: Downloading video info webpage' % video_id)
def report_information_extraction(self, video_id):
"""Report attempt to extract video information."""
self.to_screen('%s: Extracting video information' % video_id)
def report_unavailable_format(self, video_id, format):
"""Report extracted video URL."""
self.to_screen('%s: Format %s not available' % (video_id, format))
def report_rtmp_download(self):
"""Indicate the download will use the RTMP protocol."""
self.to_screen('RTMP download detected')
def _signature_cache_id(self, example_sig):
""" Return a string representation of a signature """
return '.'.join(compat_str(len(part)) for part in example_sig.split('.'))
def _extract_player_info(cls, player_url):
for player_re in cls._PLAYER_INFO_RE:
id_m = re.search(player_re, player_url)
if id_m:
raise ExtractorError('Cannot identify player %r' % player_url)
return id_m.group('ext'), id_m.group('id')
def _extract_signature_function(self, video_id, player_url, example_sig):
player_type, player_id = self._extract_player_info(player_url)
# Read from filesystem cache
func_id = '%s_%s_%s' % (
player_type, player_id, self._signature_cache_id(example_sig))
assert os.path.basename(func_id) == func_id
cache_spec = self._downloader.cache.load('youtube-sigfuncs', func_id)
if cache_spec is not None:
return lambda s: ''.join(s[i] for i in cache_spec)
download_note = (
'Downloading player %s' % player_url
if self._downloader.params.get('verbose') else
'Downloading %s player %s' % (player_type, player_id)
if player_type == 'js':
code = self._download_webpage(
player_url, video_id,
errnote='Download of %s failed' % player_url)
res = self._parse_sig_js(code)
elif player_type == 'swf':
urlh = self._request_webpage(
player_url, video_id,
errnote='Download of %s failed' % player_url)
code = urlh.read()
res = self._parse_sig_swf(code)
assert False, 'Invalid player type %r' % player_type
test_string = ''.join(map(compat_chr, range(len(example_sig))))
cache_res = res(test_string)
cache_spec = [ord(c) for c in cache_res]
self._downloader.cache.store('youtube-sigfuncs', func_id, cache_spec)
return res
def _print_sig_code(self, func, example_sig):
def gen_sig_code(idxs):
def _genslice(start, end, step):
starts = '' if start == 0 else str(start)
ends = (':%d' % (end + step)) if end + step >= 0 else ':'
steps = '' if step == 1 else (':%d' % step)
return 's[%s%s%s]' % (starts, ends, steps)
step = None
# Quelch pyflakes warnings - start will be set when step is set
start = '(Never used)'
for i, prev in zip(idxs[1:], idxs[:-1]):
if step is not None:
if i - prev == step:
yield _genslice(start, prev, step)
step = None
if i - prev in [-1, 1]:
step = i - prev
start = prev
yield 's[%d]' % prev
if step is None:
yield 's[%d]' % i
yield _genslice(start, i, step)
test_string = ''.join(map(compat_chr, range(len(example_sig))))
cache_res = func(test_string)
cache_spec = [ord(c) for c in cache_res]
expr_code = ' + '.join(gen_sig_code(cache_spec))
signature_id_tuple = '(%s)' % (
', '.join(compat_str(len(p)) for p in example_sig.split('.')))
code = ('if tuple(len(p) for p in s.split(\'.\')) == %s:\n'
' return %s\n') % (signature_id_tuple, expr_code)
self.to_screen('Extracted signature function:\n' + code)
def _parse_sig_js(self, jscode):
funcname = self._search_regex(
# Obsolete patterns
jscode, 'Initial JS player signature function name', group='sig')
jsi = JSInterpreter(jscode)
initial_function = jsi.extract_function(funcname)
return lambda s: initial_function([s])
def _parse_sig_swf(self, file_contents):
swfi = SWFInterpreter(file_contents)
TARGET_CLASSNAME = 'SignatureDecipher'
searched_class = swfi.extract_class(TARGET_CLASSNAME)
initial_function = swfi.extract_function(searched_class, 'decipher')
return lambda s: initial_function([s])
def _decrypt_signature(self, s, video_id, player_url, age_gate=False):
"""Turn the encrypted s field into a working signature"""
if player_url is None:
raise ExtractorError('Cannot decrypt signature without player_url')
if player_url.startswith('//'):
player_url = 'https:' + player_url
elif not re.match(r'https?://', player_url):
player_url = compat_urlparse.urljoin(
'https://www.youtube.com', player_url)
player_id = (player_url, self._signature_cache_id(s))
if player_id not in self._player_cache:
func = self._extract_signature_function(
video_id, player_url, s
self._player_cache[player_id] = func
func = self._player_cache[player_id]
if self._downloader.params.get('youtube_print_sig_code'):
self._print_sig_code(func, s)
return func(s)
except Exception as e:
tb = traceback.format_exc()
raise ExtractorError(
'Signature extraction failed: ' + tb, cause=e)
def _get_subtitles(self, video_id, webpage):
subs_doc = self._download_xml(
'https://video.google.com/timedtext?hl=en&type=list&v=%s' % video_id,
video_id, note=False)
except ExtractorError as err:
self._downloader.report_warning('unable to download video subtitles: %s' % error_to_compat_str(err))
return {}
sub_lang_list = {}
for track in subs_doc.findall('track'):
lang = track.attrib['lang_code']
if lang in sub_lang_list:
sub_formats = []
for ext in self._SUBTITLE_FORMATS:
params = compat_urllib_parse_urlencode({
'lang': lang,
'v': video_id,
'fmt': ext,
'name': track.attrib['name'].encode('utf-8'),
'url': 'https://www.youtube.com/api/timedtext?' + params,
'ext': ext,
sub_lang_list[lang] = sub_formats
if not sub_lang_list:
self._downloader.report_warning('video doesn\'t have subtitles')
return {}
return sub_lang_list
def _get_ytplayer_config(self, video_id, webpage):
patterns = (
# User data may contain arbitrary character sequences that may affect
# JSON extraction with regex, e.g. when '};' is contained the second
# regex won't capture the whole JSON. Yet working around by trying more
# concrete regex first keeping in mind proper quoted string handling
# to be implemented in future that will replace this workaround (see
# https://github.com/ytdl-org/youtube-dl/issues/7468,
# https://github.com/ytdl-org/youtube-dl/pull/7599)
config = self._search_regex(
patterns, webpage, 'ytplayer.config', default=None)
if config:
return self._parse_json(
uppercase_escape(config), video_id, fatal=False)
def _get_automatic_captions(self, video_id, webpage):
"""We need the webpage for getting the captions url, pass it as an
argument to speed up the process."""
self.to_screen('%s: Looking for automatic captions' % video_id)
player_config = self._get_ytplayer_config(video_id, webpage)
err_msg = 'Couldn\'t find automatic captions for %s' % video_id
if not player_config:
return {}
args = player_config['args']
caption_url = args.get('ttsurl')
if caption_url:
timestamp = args['timestamp']
# We get the available subtitles
list_params = compat_urllib_parse_urlencode({
'type': 'list',
'tlangs': 1,
'asrs': 1,
list_url = caption_url + '&' + list_params
caption_list = self._download_xml(list_url, video_id)
original_lang_node = caption_list.find('track')
if original_lang_node is None:
self._downloader.report_warning('Video doesn\'t have automatic captions')
return {}
original_lang = original_lang_node.attrib['lang_code']
caption_kind = original_lang_node.attrib.get('kind', '')
sub_lang_list = {}
for lang_node in caption_list.findall('target'):
sub_lang = lang_node.attrib['lang_code']
sub_formats = []
for ext in self._SUBTITLE_FORMATS:
params = compat_urllib_parse_urlencode({
'lang': original_lang,
'tlang': sub_lang,
'fmt': ext,
'ts': timestamp,
'kind': caption_kind,
'url': caption_url + '&' + params,
'ext': ext,
sub_lang_list[sub_lang] = sub_formats
return sub_lang_list
def make_captions(sub_url, sub_langs):
parsed_sub_url = compat_urllib_parse_urlparse(sub_url)
caption_qs = compat_parse_qs(parsed_sub_url.query)
captions = {}
for sub_lang in sub_langs:
sub_formats = []
for ext in self._SUBTITLE_FORMATS:
'tlang': [sub_lang],
'fmt': [ext],
sub_url = compat_urlparse.urlunparse(parsed_sub_url._replace(
query=compat_urllib_parse_urlencode(caption_qs, True)))
'url': sub_url,
'ext': ext,
captions[sub_lang] = sub_formats
return captions
# New captions format as of 22.06.2017
player_response = args.get('player_response')
if player_response and isinstance(player_response, compat_str):
player_response = self._parse_json(
player_response, video_id, fatal=False)
if player_response:
renderer = player_response['captions']['playerCaptionsTracklistRenderer']
base_url = renderer['captionTracks'][0]['baseUrl']
sub_lang_list = []
for lang in renderer['translationLanguages']:
lang_code = lang.get('languageCode')
if lang_code:
return make_captions(base_url, sub_lang_list)
# Some videos don't provide ttsurl but rather caption_tracks and
# caption_translation_languages (e.g. 20LmZk1hakA)
# Does not used anymore as of 22.06.2017
caption_tracks = args['caption_tracks']
caption_translation_languages = args['caption_translation_languages']
caption_url = compat_parse_qs(caption_tracks.split(',')[0])['u'][0]
sub_lang_list = []
for lang in caption_translation_languages.split(','):
lang_qs = compat_parse_qs(compat_urllib_parse_unquote_plus(lang))
sub_lang = lang_qs.get('lc', [None])[0]
if sub_lang:
return make_captions(caption_url, sub_lang_list)
# An extractor error can be raise by the download process if there are
# no automatic captions but there are subtitles
except (KeyError, IndexError, ExtractorError):
return {}
def _mark_watched(self, video_id, video_info, player_response):
playback_url = url_or_none(try_get(
lambda x: x['playbackTracking']['videostatsPlaybackUrl']['baseUrl']) or try_get(
video_info, lambda x: x['videostats_playback_base_url'][0]))
if not playback_url:
parsed_playback_url = compat_urlparse.urlparse(playback_url)
qs = compat_urlparse.parse_qs(parsed_playback_url.query)
# cpn generation algorithm is reverse engineered from base.js.
# In fact it works even with dummy cpn.
CPN_ALPHABET = 'abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ0123456789-_'
cpn = ''.join((CPN_ALPHABET[random.randint(0, 256) & 63] for _ in range(0, 16)))
'ver': ['2'],
'cpn': [cpn],
playback_url = compat_urlparse.urlunparse(
parsed_playback_url._replace(query=compat_urllib_parse_urlencode(qs, True)))
playback_url, video_id, 'Marking watched',
'Unable to mark watched', fatal=False)
def _extract_urls(webpage):
# Embedded YouTube player
entries = [
for mobj in re.finditer(r'''(?x)
\1''', webpage)]
# lazyYT YouTube embed
re.findall(r'class="lazyYT" data-youtube-id="([^"]+)"', webpage))))
# Wordpress "YouTube Video Importer" plugin
matches = re.findall(r'''(?x)<div[^>]+
data-video_id=(?P<q2>[\'"])([^\'"]+)(?P=q2)''', webpage)
entries.extend(m[-1] for m in matches)
return entries
def _extract_url(webpage):
urls = YoutubeIE._extract_urls(webpage)
return urls[0] if urls else None
def extract_id(cls, url):
mobj = re.match(cls._VALID_URL, url, re.VERBOSE)
if mobj is None:
raise ExtractorError('Invalid URL: %s' % url)
video_id = mobj.group(2)
return video_id
def _extract_chapters_from_json(self, webpage, video_id, duration):
if not webpage:
data = self._extract_yt_initial_data(video_id, webpage)
if not data or not isinstance(data, dict):
chapters_list = try_get(
lambda x: x['playerOverlays']
if not chapters_list:
def chapter_time(chapter):
return float_or_none(
lambda x: x['chapterRenderer']['timeRangeStartMillis'],
chapters = []
for next_num, chapter in enumerate(chapters_list, start=1):
start_time = chapter_time(chapter)
if start_time is None:
end_time = (chapter_time(chapters_list[next_num])
if next_num < len(chapters_list) else duration)
if end_time is None:
title = try_get(
chapter, lambda x: x['chapterRenderer']['title']['simpleText'],
'start_time': start_time,
'end_time': end_time,
'title': title,
return chapters
def _extract_chapters_from_description(description, duration):
if not description:
return None
chapter_lines = re.findall(
if not chapter_lines:
return None
chapters = []
for next_num, (chapter_line, time_point) in enumerate(
chapter_lines, start=1):
start_time = parse_duration(time_point)
if start_time is None:
if start_time > duration:
end_time = (duration if next_num == len(chapter_lines)
else parse_duration(chapter_lines[next_num][1]))
if end_time is None:
if end_time > duration:
end_time = duration
if start_time > end_time:
chapter_title = re.sub(
r'<a[^>]+>[^<]+</a>', '', chapter_line).strip(' \t-')
chapter_title = re.sub(r'\s+', ' ', chapter_title)
'start_time': start_time,
'end_time': end_time,
'title': chapter_title,
return chapters
def _extract_chapters(self, webpage, description, video_id, duration):
return (self._extract_chapters_from_json(webpage, video_id, duration)
or self._extract_chapters_from_description(description, duration))
def _real_extract(self, url):
url, smuggled_data = unsmuggle_url(url, {})
proto = (
'http' if self._downloader.params.get('prefer_insecure', False)
else 'https')
start_time = None
end_time = None
parsed_url = compat_urllib_parse_urlparse(url)
for component in [parsed_url.fragment, parsed_url.query]:
query = compat_parse_qs(component)
if start_time is None and 't' in query:
start_time = parse_duration(query['t'][0])
if start_time is None and 'start' in query:
start_time = parse_duration(query['start'][0])
if end_time is None and 'end' in query:
end_time = parse_duration(query['end'][0])
# Extract original video URL from URL with redirection, like age verification, using next_url parameter
mobj = re.search(self._NEXT_URL_RE, url)
if mobj:
url = proto + '://www.youtube.com/' + compat_urllib_parse_unquote(mobj.group(1)).lstrip('/')
video_id = self.extract_id(url)
# Get video webpage
url = proto + '://www.youtube.com/watch?v=%s&gl=US&hl=en&has_verified=1&bpctr=9999999999' % video_id
video_webpage, urlh = self._download_webpage_handle(url, video_id)
qs = compat_parse_qs(compat_urllib_parse_urlparse(urlh.geturl()).query)
video_id = qs.get('v', [None])[0] or video_id
# Attempt to extract SWF player URL
mobj = re.search(r'swfConfig.*?"(https?:\\/\\/.*?watch.*?-.*?\.swf)"', video_webpage)
if mobj is not None:
player_url = re.sub(r'\\(.)', r'\1', mobj.group(1))
player_url = None
dash_mpds = []
def add_dash_mpd(video_info):
dash_mpd = video_info.get('dashmpd')
if dash_mpd and dash_mpd[0] not in dash_mpds:
def add_dash_mpd_pr(pl_response):
dash_mpd = url_or_none(try_get(
pl_response, lambda x: x['streamingData']['dashManifestUrl'],
if dash_mpd and dash_mpd not in dash_mpds:
is_live = None
view_count = None
def extract_view_count(v_info):
return int_or_none(try_get(v_info, lambda x: x['view_count'][0]))
def extract_player_response(player_response, video_id):
pl_response = str_or_none(player_response)
if not pl_response:
pl_response = self._parse_json(pl_response, video_id, fatal=False)
if isinstance(pl_response, dict):
return pl_response
player_response = {}
# Get video info
video_info = {}
embed_webpage = None
if (self._og_search_property('restrictions:age', video_webpage, default=None) == '18+'
or re.search(r'player-age-gate-content">', video_webpage) is not None):
age_gate = True
# We simulate the access to the video from www.youtube.com/v/{video_id}
# this can be viewed without login into Youtube
url = proto + '://www.youtube.com/embed/%s' % video_id
embed_webpage = self._download_webpage(url, video_id, 'Downloading embed webpage')
data = compat_urllib_parse_urlencode({
'video_id': video_id,
'eurl': 'https://youtube.googleapis.com/v/' + video_id,
'sts': self._search_regex(
r'"sts"\s*:\s*(\d+)', embed_webpage, 'sts', default=''),
video_info_url = proto + '://www.youtube.com/get_video_info?' + data
video_info_webpage = self._download_webpage(
video_info_url, video_id,
note='Refetching age-gated info webpage',
errnote='unable to download video info webpage')
except ExtractorError:
video_info_webpage = None
if video_info_webpage:
video_info = compat_parse_qs(video_info_webpage)
pl_response = video_info.get('player_response', [None])[0]
player_response = extract_player_response(pl_response, video_id)
view_count = extract_view_count(video_info)
age_gate = False
# Try looking directly into the video webpage
ytplayer_config = self._get_ytplayer_config(video_id, video_webpage)
if ytplayer_config:
args = ytplayer_config['args']
if args.get('url_encoded_fmt_stream_map') or args.get('hlsvp'):
# Convert to the same format returned by compat_parse_qs
video_info = dict((k, [v]) for k, v in args.items())
# Rental video is not rented but preview is available (e.g.
# https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYr8q0y5Jfg,
# https://github.com/ytdl-org/youtube-dl/issues/10532)
if not video_info and args.get('ypc_vid'):
return self.url_result(
args['ypc_vid'], YoutubeIE.ie_key(), video_id=args['ypc_vid'])
if args.get('livestream') == '1' or args.get('live_playback') == 1:
is_live = True
if not player_response:
player_response = extract_player_response(args.get('player_response'), video_id)
if not video_info or self._downloader.params.get('youtube_include_dash_manifest', True):
if not video_info and not player_response:
player_response = extract_player_response(
r'ytInitialPlayerResponse\s*=\s*({.+?})\s*;', video_webpage,
'initial player response', default='{}'),
def extract_unavailable_message():
messages = []
for tag, kind in (('h1', 'message'), ('div', 'submessage')):
msg = self._html_search_regex(
r'(?s)<{tag}[^>]+id=["\']unavailable-{kind}["\'][^>]*>(.+?)</{tag}>'.format(tag=tag, kind=kind),
video_webpage, 'unavailable %s' % kind, default=None)
if msg:
if messages:
return '\n'.join(messages)
if not video_info and not player_response:
unavailable_message = extract_unavailable_message()
if not unavailable_message:
unavailable_message = 'Unable to extract video data'
raise ExtractorError(
'YouTube said: %s' % unavailable_message, expected=True, video_id=video_id)
if not isinstance(video_info, dict):
video_info = {}
video_details = try_get(
player_response, lambda x: x['videoDetails'], dict) or {}
microformat = try_get(
player_response, lambda x: x['microformat']['playerMicroformatRenderer'], dict) or {}
video_title = video_info.get('title', [None])[0] or video_details.get('title')
if not video_title:
self._downloader.report_warning('Unable to extract video title')
video_title = '_'
description_original = video_description = get_element_by_id("eow-description", video_webpage)
if video_description:
def replace_url(m):
redir_url = compat_urlparse.urljoin(url, m.group(1))
parsed_redir_url = compat_urllib_parse_urlparse(redir_url)
if re.search(r'^(?:www\.)?(?:youtube(?:-nocookie)?\.com|youtu\.be)$', parsed_redir_url.netloc) and parsed_redir_url.path == '/redirect':
qs = compat_parse_qs(parsed_redir_url.query)
q = qs.get('q')
if q and q[0]:
return q[0]
return redir_url
description_original = video_description = re.sub(r'''(?x)
''', replace_url, video_description)
video_description = clean_html(video_description)
video_description = video_details.get('shortDescription')
if video_description is None:
video_description = self._html_search_meta('description', video_webpage)
if not smuggled_data.get('force_singlefeed', False):
if not self._downloader.params.get('noplaylist'):
multifeed_metadata_list = try_get(
lambda x: x['multicamera']['playerLegacyMulticameraRenderer']['metadataList'],
compat_str) or try_get(
video_info, lambda x: x['multifeed_metadata_list'][0], compat_str)
if multifeed_metadata_list:
entries = []
feed_ids = []
for feed in multifeed_metadata_list.split(','):
# Unquote should take place before split on comma (,) since textual
# fields may contain comma as well (see
# https://github.com/ytdl-org/youtube-dl/issues/8536)
feed_data = compat_parse_qs(compat_urllib_parse_unquote_plus(feed))
def feed_entry(name):
return try_get(feed_data, lambda x: x[name][0], compat_str)
feed_id = feed_entry('id')
if not feed_id:
feed_title = feed_entry('title')
title = video_title
if feed_title:
title += ' (%s)' % feed_title
'_type': 'url_transparent',
'ie_key': 'Youtube',
'url': smuggle_url(
'%s://www.youtube.com/watch?v=%s' % (proto, feed_data['id'][0]),
{'force_singlefeed': True}),
'title': title,
'Downloading multifeed video (%s) - add --no-playlist to just download video %s'
% (', '.join(feed_ids), video_id))
return self.playlist_result(entries, video_id, video_title, video_description)
self.to_screen('Downloading just video %s because of --no-playlist' % video_id)
if view_count is None:
view_count = extract_view_count(video_info)
if view_count is None and video_details:
view_count = int_or_none(video_details.get('viewCount'))
if view_count is None and microformat:
view_count = int_or_none(microformat.get('viewCount'))
if is_live is None:
is_live = bool_or_none(video_details.get('isLive'))
# Check for "rental" videos
if 'ypc_video_rental_bar_text' in video_info and 'author' not in video_info:
raise ExtractorError('"rental" videos not supported. See https://github.com/ytdl-org/youtube-dl/issues/359 for more information.', expected=True)
def _extract_filesize(media_url):
return int_or_none(self._search_regex(
r'\bclen[=/](\d+)', media_url, 'filesize', default=None))
streaming_formats = try_get(player_response, lambda x: x['streamingData']['formats'], list) or []
streaming_formats.extend(try_get(player_response, lambda x: x['streamingData']['adaptiveFormats'], list) or [])
if 'conn' in video_info and video_info['conn'][0].startswith('rtmp'):
formats = [{
'format_id': '_rtmp',
'protocol': 'rtmp',
'url': video_info['conn'][0],
'player_url': player_url,
elif not is_live and (streaming_formats or len(video_info.get('url_encoded_fmt_stream_map', [''])[0]) >= 1 or len(video_info.get('adaptive_fmts', [''])[0]) >= 1):
encoded_url_map = video_info.get('url_encoded_fmt_stream_map', [''])[0] + ',' + video_info.get('adaptive_fmts', [''])[0]
if 'rtmpe%3Dyes' in encoded_url_map:
raise ExtractorError('rtmpe downloads are not supported, see https://github.com/ytdl-org/youtube-dl/issues/343 for more information.', expected=True)
formats = []
formats_spec = {}
fmt_list = video_info.get('fmt_list', [''])[0]
if fmt_list:
for fmt in fmt_list.split(','):
spec = fmt.split('/')
if len(spec) > 1:
width_height = spec[1].split('x')
if len(width_height) == 2:
formats_spec[spec[0]] = {
'resolution': spec[1],
'width': int_or_none(width_height[0]),
'height': int_or_none(width_height[1]),
for fmt in streaming_formats:
itag = str_or_none(fmt.get('itag'))
if not itag:
quality = fmt.get('quality')
quality_label = fmt.get('qualityLabel') or quality
formats_spec[itag] = {
'asr': int_or_none(fmt.get('audioSampleRate')),
'filesize': int_or_none(fmt.get('contentLength')),
'format_note': quality_label,
'fps': int_or_none(fmt.get('fps')),
'height': int_or_none(fmt.get('height')),
# bitrate for itag 43 is always 2147483647
'tbr': float_or_none(fmt.get('averageBitrate') or fmt.get('bitrate'), 1000) if itag != '43' else None,
'width': int_or_none(fmt.get('width')),
for fmt in streaming_formats:
if fmt.get('drmFamilies') or fmt.get('drm_families'):
url = url_or_none(fmt.get('url'))
if not url:
cipher = fmt.get('cipher') or fmt.get('signatureCipher')
if not cipher:
url_data = compat_parse_qs(cipher)
url = url_or_none(try_get(url_data, lambda x: x['url'][0], compat_str))
if not url:
cipher = None
url_data = compat_parse_qs(compat_urllib_parse_urlparse(url).query)
stream_type = int_or_none(try_get(url_data, lambda x: x['stream_type'][0]))
if stream_type == 3:
format_id = fmt.get('itag') or url_data['itag'][0]
if not format_id:
format_id = compat_str(format_id)
if cipher:
if 's' in url_data or self._downloader.params.get('youtube_include_dash_manifest', True):
jsplayer_url_json = self._search_regex(
embed_webpage if age_gate else video_webpage,
'JS player URL (1)', default=None)
if not jsplayer_url_json and not age_gate:
# We need the embed website after all
if embed_webpage is None:
embed_url = proto + '://www.youtube.com/embed/%s' % video_id
embed_webpage = self._download_webpage(
embed_url, video_id, 'Downloading embed webpage')
jsplayer_url_json = self._search_regex(
ASSETS_RE, embed_webpage, 'JS player URL')
player_url = json.loads(jsplayer_url_json)
if player_url is None:
player_url_json = self._search_regex(
video_webpage, 'age gate player URL')
player_url = json.loads(player_url_json)
if 'sig' in url_data:
url += '&signature=' + url_data['sig'][0]
elif 's' in url_data:
encrypted_sig = url_data['s'][0]
if self._downloader.params.get('verbose'):
if player_url is None:
player_desc = 'unknown'
player_type, player_version = self._extract_player_info(player_url)
player_desc = '%s player %s' % ('flash' if player_type == 'swf' else 'html5', player_version)
parts_sizes = self._signature_cache_id(encrypted_sig)
self.to_screen('{%s} signature length %s, %s' %
(format_id, parts_sizes, player_desc))
signature = self._decrypt_signature(
encrypted_sig, video_id, player_url, age_gate)
sp = try_get(url_data, lambda x: x['sp'][0], compat_str) or 'signature'
url += '&%s=%s' % (sp, signature)
if 'ratebypass' not in url:
url += '&ratebypass=yes'
dct = {
'format_id': format_id,
'url': url,
'player_url': player_url,
if format_id in self._formats:
if format_id in formats_spec:
# Some itags are not included in DASH manifest thus corresponding formats will
# lack metadata (see https://github.com/ytdl-org/youtube-dl/pull/5993).
# Trying to extract metadata from url_encoded_fmt_stream_map entry.
mobj = re.search(r'^(?P<width>\d+)[xX](?P<height>\d+)$', url_data.get('size', [''])[0])
width, height = (int(mobj.group('width')), int(mobj.group('height'))) if mobj else (None, None)
if width is None:
width = int_or_none(fmt.get('width'))
if height is None:
height = int_or_none(fmt.get('height'))
filesize = int_or_none(url_data.get(
'clen', [None])[0]) or _extract_filesize(url)
quality = url_data.get('quality', [None])[0] or fmt.get('quality')
quality_label = url_data.get('quality_label', [None])[0] or fmt.get('qualityLabel')
tbr = (float_or_none(url_data.get('bitrate', [None])[0], 1000)
or float_or_none(fmt.get('bitrate'), 1000)) if format_id != '43' else None
fps = int_or_none(url_data.get('fps', [None])[0]) or int_or_none(fmt.get('fps'))
more_fields = {
'filesize': filesize,
'tbr': tbr,
'width': width,
'height': height,
'fps': fps,
'format_note': quality_label or quality,
for key, value in more_fields.items():
if value:
dct[key] = value
type_ = url_data.get('type', [None])[0] or fmt.get('mimeType')
if type_:
type_split = type_.split(';')
kind_ext = type_split[0].split('/')
if len(kind_ext) == 2:
kind, _ = kind_ext
dct['ext'] = mimetype2ext(type_split[0])
if kind in ('audio', 'video'):
codecs = None
for mobj in re.finditer(
r'(?P<key>[a-zA-Z_-]+)=(?P<quote>["\']?)(?P<val>.+?)(?P=quote)(?:;|$)', type_):
if mobj.group('key') == 'codecs':
codecs = mobj.group('val')
if codecs:
if dct.get('acodec') == 'none' or dct.get('vcodec') == 'none':
dct['downloader_options'] = {
# Youtube throttles chunks >~10M
'http_chunk_size': 10485760,
manifest_url = (
lambda x: x['streamingData']['hlsManifestUrl'],
or url_or_none(try_get(
video_info, lambda x: x['hlsvp'][0], compat_str)))
if manifest_url:
formats = []
m3u8_formats = self._extract_m3u8_formats(
manifest_url, video_id, 'mp4', fatal=False)
for a_format in m3u8_formats:
itag = self._search_regex(
r'/itag/(\d+)/', a_format['url'], 'itag', default=None)
if itag:
a_format['format_id'] = itag
if itag in self._formats:
dct = self._formats[itag].copy()