OpenWRT firmware for routers
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Felix Fietkau 981be0c3bd toolchain/musl: update to version 1.1.18 5 years ago
binutils binutils: add version 2.29.1 5 years ago
fortify-headers toolchain/fortify-headers: Update to 0.9 5 years ago
gcc gcc: remove support for libgcj/java 5 years ago
gdb toolchain/gdb: update to version 8.0.1 5 years ago
glibc toolchain/glibc: Update to 2.26 5 years ago
kernel-headers build: use KERNEL_MAKE_FLAGS for kernel file compilations 5 years ago
musl toolchain/musl: update to version 1.1.18 5 years ago
uClibc toolchain/uclibc: Bump version to 1.0.22 6 years ago
wrapper buildroot: allow specifying libc personality for external toolchains 10 years ago
yasm treewide: clean up download hashes 6 years ago toolchain: use glibc for powerpc64 builds 5 years ago
Makefile toolchain/insight: Remove from tree 6 years ago uClibc cleanup: - use full version string (, instead of base (0.9.30) + extra (.1) - remove support for 0.9.28 and snapshots (building from SVN to be added later) 14 years ago