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Mat Trudel 2dca7177e7 sysupgrade: don't kill our own parent
Add the parent of the sysupgrade script to the list of pids not getting

Signed-off-by: Mat Trudel <>
Signed-off-by: John Crispin <>
6 years ago
keep.d base-files: add /etc/shadow to list of essential files to keep in sysupgrade (bug 18206) 9 years ago base-files: automatically handle paths and symlinks for RAMFS_COPY_BIN 6 years ago base-files: add a hint in sysupgrade that shows what to do when the image metadata check fails 7 years ago base-files: upgrade: correctly handle nand_do_upgrade argument passed from preupgrade 6 years ago
stage2 sysupgrade: don't kill our own parent 6 years ago