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#!/usr/bin/env python3
from os import getenv
from pathlib import Path
from sys import argv
import hashlib
import json
if len(argv) != 2:
print("ERROR: JSON info script requires output arg")
json_path = Path(argv[1])
bin_dir = Path(getenv("BIN_DIR"))
image_file = bin_dir / getenv("IMAGE_NAME")
if not image_file.is_file():
print("Skip JSON creation for non existing image ", image_file)
def get_titles():
titles = []
for prefix in ["", "ALT0_", "ALT1_", "ALT2_"]:
title = {}
for var in ["vendor", "model", "variant"]:
if getenv("DEVICE_{}{}".format(prefix, var.upper())):
title[var] = getenv("DEVICE_{}{}".format(prefix, var.upper()))
if title:
if not titles:
titles.append({"title": getenv("DEVICE_TITLE")})
return titles
device_id = getenv("DEVICE_ID")
image_hash = hashlib.sha256(image_file.read_bytes()).hexdigest()
image_info = {
"metadata_version": 1,
"target": "{}/{}".format(getenv("TARGET"), getenv("SUBTARGET")),
"version_code": getenv("VERSION_CODE"),
"version_number": getenv("VERSION_NUMBER"),
"profiles": {
device_id: {
"image_prefix": getenv("IMAGE_PREFIX"),
"images": [
"type": getenv("IMAGE_TYPE"),
"name": getenv("IMAGE_NAME"),
"sha256": image_hash,
"device_packages": getenv("DEVICE_PACKAGES").split(),
"supported_devices": getenv("SUPPORTED_DEVICES").split(),
"titles": get_titles(),
json_path.write_text(json.dumps(image_info, separators=(",", ":")))