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Felix Fietkau 720b99215d treewide: clean up download hashes
Replace *MD5SUM with *HASH, replace MD5 hashes with SHA256

Signed-off-by: Felix Fietkau <>
7 years ago
Hannu Nyman a22464b92f tools/quilt: update to 0.65
User-visible changes since 0.64 are as follows:

  - Translation fixes
  - Project settings have priority
  - Reject binary files in patches
  - Fix a race condition in diff_file
  - Performance: Optimizations to the setup command
  - Performance: Optimizations to the bash completion script
  - Test suite: Improve the edit test case
  - Test suite: Make the symlink test more robust
  - Test suite: Test backup failure
  - Test suite: Test the header command with hard links
  - diff: Report diff failures
  - edit: Fix a corner case bug
  - mail: Fix the help text
  - push: Fix the synopsis
  - refresh: Do not remove symlinks
  - refresh: Break links to read-only patch files
  - refresh: Always preserve modification time
  - setup: Report failed look-ups in inspect-wrapper
  - quilt.el: Fix quilt-editable when patches are stored in subdirs
  - bash_completion: Handle spaces in file names
  - bash_completion: Update the list of commands
  - bash_completion: Add new command options
  - bash_completion: Fix handling of mail, new, push options
  - guards: Simplify the help text
  - guards: Include the file name also in the "Not found" case
  - guards: Add support for an external filelist in --check mode
  - guards: Report which config file has problem in --check mode
  - guards: Documentation update
  - guards: Clarify a user message

Note to packagers: the Makefile was modified to take configure's
--sysconfdir into account as other projects do. As a result, setting
--prefix=/usr will no longer put the configuration files under /etc.
You now need to explicitly pass --sysconfdir=/etc. If you don't,
configuration files will go under /usr/etc, which is not what you want.
This is somewhat less intuitive, but also more consistent with what
other projects are doing.

Signed-off-by: Hannu Nyman <>
7 years ago
Felix Fietkau c7fb0f04aa tools/quilt: update to 0.64
Update quilt to version 0.64.

Refresh patches. (scripts/ has been removed upstream)

Signed-off-by: Hannu Nyman <>

SVN-Revision: 47299
8 years ago
Jo-Philipp Wich cb9723f09c quilt: add further relocatability fixes
Prevent quilt's build system from generating useless compat wrappers and
hardcoded absolute utility paths to binaries in staging_dir/host/.

Signed-off-by: Jo-Philipp Wich <>

SVN-Revision: 47070
9 years ago
John Crispin b0a1c7dc0d include/ Add download mirrors for tools from GNU Savannah (bug #15184)
I defined a new download method @SAVANNAH in include/ and scripts/,
and converted quilt and qemu to use that method.

Signed-off-by: Hannu Nyman <>

SVN-Revision: 42840
10 years ago
Luka Perkov 108c0f5319 quilt: update to 0.63
Signed-off-by: Hannu Nyman <>

SVN-Revision: 40744
10 years ago
Luka Perkov cac9ed3ffd quilt: update to 0.61
Signed-off-by: Luka Perkov <>

SVN-Revision: 39452
10 years ago
Luka Perkov 5166bb0b1b quilt: update to 0.60
Signed-off-by: Luka Perkov <>

SVN-Revision: 38170
11 years ago
Felix Fietkau 1f77bfff96 build: BSD compile fixes
following patch allows to build images for Qemu ARM on
OpenBSD 5.2 amd64 and FreeBSD 9.1 amd64.

Mostly small pieces of code changes to get things right on the
specific platform.

Updated the README to describe better, which tools on the host
are required. Added some kind of prepare scripts to install needed
tools on BSD via packages.

Signed-off-by: Waldemar Brodkorb <>

SVN-Revision: 35900
11 years ago
Felix Fietkau 5ee5f0d314 quilt: make it possible to override the path to getopt (based on patch from #9842)
SVN-Revision: 27852
13 years ago
Jo-Philipp Wich 002fde670f quilt: pass PATH and FIND to configure (FreeBSD compatibility)
SVN-Revision: 23288
14 years ago
Alexandros C. Couloumbis d83a959719 tools/quilt: fix openSUSE/patch- issue (closes #7635)
SVN-Revision: 22397
14 years ago
Alexandros C. Couloumbis 0d36c3fd37 tools: update quilt to 0.48
SVN-Revision: 21146
14 years ago
Florian Fainelli 8733456b72 fix quilt installation on all platforms
SVN-Revision: 17405
15 years ago
Florian Fainelli d17e2ee125 make quilt installation work on cygwin
SVN-Revision: 17398
15 years ago
Felix Fietkau 7eb1589875 build system refactoring in preparation for allowing packages to do host-build steps
SVN-Revision: 14610
15 years ago
Felix Fietkau 58765184c6 detect quilt configure errors properly (their broken configure script does not return proper error codes)
SVN-Revision: 14181
15 years ago
Felix Fietkau 949c1386d1 build and install a current quilt version in tools/
SVN-Revision: 12398
16 years ago