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Scott Roberts 34e7d31983 packages/boot: bump arm-trusted-firmware-mvebu version
The current version of ATF does not support power off for SGMII
COMPHY.  Update to latest ATF to resolve this issue.

Signed-off-by: Scott Roberts <>
4 years ago
Vladimir Vid 52459ebf77 packages/boot: add arm-trusted-firmware-mvebu and initial uDPU support
ATF mvebu is required for building a functional bootloader for A7K/A8K and
A37xx platforms. uDPU device is added as the first target.

A3700 platform has a wide range of settings which can be used per device, so
options are defined under the Device sections.

Platform also required WTP (recovery) tools and mv-ddr package for the DDR
topology configuration. 32-bit cross compiler is used for building the WTMI

After the build, flash-image.bin can be used with the bubt command from the
u-boot shell to flash the new version of u-boot.

Signed-off-by: Vladimir Vid <>
4 years ago