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Rafał Miłecki 430d65c544 libroxml: bump to the 3.0.2 version
* Fix for memory leak regression
* Support for (un)escaping

Signed-off-by: Rafał Miłecki <>
5 years ago
Rafał Miłecki d6643aca34 libroxml: bump to the 3.0.1 version
Some of changes:
* Support for local-name()
* General refactoring
* Better parsing performance
* Fix possible buffer overflow & memleak
* Validation checks
* More commit functions (file, buffer, fd)

Signed-off-by: Rafał Miłecki <>
5 years ago
Jo-Philipp Wich 0e70f69a35 treewide: revise library packaging
- Annotate versionless libraries (such as libubox, libuci etc.) with a fixed
  ABI_VERSION resembling the source date of the last incompatible change
- Annotate packages shipping versioned library objects with ABI_VERSION
- Stop shipping unversioned library symlinks for packages with ABI_VERSION

Signed-off-by: Jo-Philipp Wich <>
6 years ago
Felix Fietkau 720b99215d treewide: clean up download hashes
Replace *MD5SUM with *HASH, replace MD5 hashes with SHA256

Signed-off-by: Felix Fietkau <>
8 years ago
Felix Fietkau 7eeb254cc4 treewide: replace with
Signed-off-by: Felix Fietkau <>
8 years ago
Nicolas Thill 4b8ebb5d50 packages: remove uneeded PKG_BUILD_DIR overrides
Signed-off-by: Nicolas Thill <>

SVN-Revision: 44498
10 years ago
John Crispin 74a3a77bcd license info - revert r43155
turns out that r43155 adds duplicate info.

Signed-off-by: John Crispin <>

SVN-Revision: 43167
10 years ago
John Crispin c10d97484a Add more license tags with SPDX identifiers
Note, that licensing stuff is a nightmare: many packages does not clearly
state their licenses, and often multiple source files are simply copied
together - each with different licensing information in the file headers.

I tried hard to ensure, that the license information extracted into the OpenWRT's
makefiles fit the "spirit" of the packages, e.g. such small packages which
come without a dedicated source archive "inherites" the OpenWRT's own license
in my opinion.

However, I can not garantee that I always picked the correct information
and/or did not miss license information.

Signed-off-by: Michael Heimpold <>

SVN-Revision: 43155
10 years ago
Steven Barth bec9d38fa4 Add a few SPDX tags
Signed-off-by: Steven Barth <>

SVN-Revision: 43151
10 years ago
Luka Perkov 8d92259690 libroxml: enable xpath support
Signed-off-by: Luka Perkov <>

SVN-Revision: 40008
10 years ago
Felix Fietkau a37db0de7e libroxml: add package (tiny XML parser/writer library)
Signed-off-by: Felix Fietkau <>

SVN-Revision: 39998
10 years ago