build: Fix directory symlinks not removed when cleaning STAGING_DIR

Currently, a symbolic link whose target is a directory will not be
removed when cleaning packages from STAGING_DIR.

In the first cleaning pass in scripts/, the -f test for
a directory symlink returns false (because the link target is a
directory) and so the symlink is not removed.

In the second pass, the -d test returns true for a directory symlink,
but the symlink is not removed by rmdir because rmdir only removes
(real) directories.

This updates to remove all non-directories (including
symbolic links) in the first pass.

Signed-off-by: Jeffery To <>
Jeffery To 3 years ago committed by Petr Štetiar
parent dddcff2550
commit f96cfe019a

@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ cat "$1" | (
cd "$2"
while read entry; do
[ -n "$entry" ] || break
[ -f "$entry" ] && rm -f $entry
[ ! -d "$entry" ] || [ -L "$entry" ] && rm -f "$entry"
sort -r "$1" | (