build: mconf readme update

This updates mconf.c readme message to maintain less changes with
upstream and consistency with nconf.c

Signed-off-by: Sergio E. Nemirowski <>
Sergio E. Nemirowski 4 years ago committed by Petr Štetiar
parent 8fb0b15efd
commit ab26022cc1

@ -23,11 +23,14 @@
#include "lxdialog/dialog.h"
static const char mconf_readme[] =
"OpenWrt config is based on Kernel kconfig\n"
"so ipkg packages are referred here as modules.\n"
"Some OpenWrt features may be built directly into the image.\n"
"Some may be made into installable ipkg packages (referred here as\n"
"modules). Some features may be completely removed altogether.\n"
"This interface lets you select features and parameters for the build.\n"
"Features can either be built-in, modularized, or ignored. Parameters\n"
"must be entered in as decimal or hexadecimal numbers or text.\n"
"Menu items beginning with following braces represent features that\n"
" [ ] can be built in or removed\n"