scripts/ fix use of printf

Due to a line break, printf was accidentally called with three
arguments instead of two, causing a different output than before.

Fix it by splitting the printf command into two lines.

Fixes: 907053193a ("scripts/ replace echo -e with printf")

Signed-off-by: Adrian Schmutzler <>
Adrian Schmutzler 4 years ago
parent 479adb0929
commit 52cdd6185e

@ -15,8 +15,9 @@
usage() {
printf "Usage: %s -A arch -C comp -a addr -e entry -v version"\
"-k kernel [-D name -d dtb] -o its_file" "$(basename "$0")"
printf "Usage: %s -A arch -C comp -a addr -e entry" "$(basename "$0")"
printf " -v version -k kernel [-D name -d dtb] -o its_file"
printf "\n\t-A ==> set architecture to 'arch'"
printf "\n\t-C ==> set compression type 'comp'"
printf "\n\t-c ==> set config name 'config'"