base-files: fwtool: make compat_version backward compatible

So far, the compatibility mechanism only works if both device and
image are already updated to the new routines. This patch extends
the sysupgrade metadata and fwtool_check_image() to account for
"older" images as well:

The basic mechanism for older devices to check for image compatibility
is the supported_devices entry. This can be exploited by putting
a custom message into this variable of the metadata, so older FW
will produce a mismatch and print the message as it thinks it's the
list of supported devices. So, we have two cases:

device 1.0, image 1.0:
  The metadata will just contain supported_devices as before.

device 1.0, image 1.1:
  The metadata will contain:

  "new_supported_devices":["device_string1", "device_string2", ...],
  "supported_devices":["Image version 1.1 incompatible to device: ..."]

  If the device is "legacy", i.e. does not have the updated,
  it will just fail with image check and print the content of
  supported_devices. If DEVICE_COMPAT_MESSAGE is set, this will be
  printed on old devices as well through the same mechanism. Otherwise
  a generic "Please check documentation ..." is appended.

  Upgrade can still be performed with -F like when
  SUPPORTED_DEVICES has been removed to prevent bricking.

  If the device has updated (but is 1.0), it will just use
  the new_supported_devices instead, and work as intended (flashing
  with -n will work, flashing without will print the appropriate

This mechanism should provide a fair tradeoff between simplicity
and functionality.

Since we touched a lot of fields in metadata, this also bumps
metadata_version to 1.1.

Signed-off-by: Adrian Schmutzler <>
Adrian Schmutzler 3 years ago
parent ad3e1f9db4
commit 02d6ac1060

@ -390,10 +390,13 @@ json_quote=$(subst ','\'',$(subst ",\",$(1)))
metadata_devices=$(if $(1),$(subst "$(space)","$(comma)",$(strip $(foreach v,$(1),"$(call json_quote,$(v))"))))
metadata_json = \
'{ $(if $(IMAGE_METADATA),$(IMAGE_METADATA)$(comma)) \
"metadata_version": "1.0", \
"metadata_version": "1.1", \
"compat_version": "$(call json_quote,$(compat_version))", \
$(if $(DEVICE_COMPAT_MESSAGE),"compat_message": "$(call json_quote,$(DEVICE_COMPAT_MESSAGE))"$(comma)) \
"supported_devices":[$(call metadata_devices,$(SUPPORTED_DEVICES))], \
$(if $(filter-out 1.0,$(compat_version)),"new_supported_devices":[$(call metadata_devices,$(SUPPORTED_DEVICES))]$(comma)) \
$(if $(filter-out 1.0,$(compat_version)),"supported_devices": \
["$(call json_quote,Image version $(compat_version) incompatible to device: $(if $(DEVICE_COMPAT_MESSAGE),$(DEVICE_COMPAT_MESSAGE),Please check documentation ...))"]$(comma)) \
$(if $(filter 1.0,$(compat_version)),"supported_devices":[$(call metadata_devices,$(SUPPORTED_DEVICES))]$(comma)) \
"version": { \
"dist": "$(call json_quote,$(VERSION_DIST))", \
"version": "$(call json_quote,$(VERSION_NUMBER))", \

@ -51,7 +51,12 @@ fwtool_check_image() {
json_get_var compatmessage compat_message
[ -n "$imagecompat" ] || imagecompat="1.0"
json_select supported_devices || return 1
# select correct supported list based on compat_version
# (using this ensures that compatibility check works for devices
# not knowing about compat-version)
local supported=supported_devices
[ "$imagecompat" != "1.0" ] && supported=new_supported_devices
json_select $supported || return 1
json_get_keys dev_keys
for k in $dev_keys; do